LoRaWAN radio module with sensors for Elster gas meter. This module can be easily installed with the meter in situ. The data transmission frequency is configurable during installation, with intervals ranging from hourly to daily possible.

JOOBY EPHIR RMS 100 uses a smart magnetic field sensor to collect meter readings. The data is then transmitted to the resource provider via the LoRaWAN wireless network. Moreover, the module can help prevent fraud, as any tampering attempts are instantly recorded and sent to the reporting system.

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How it works

The module can be installed onto the meter in moments using a standard bracket and a mobile app – no need to remove the meter. Once installed and operational, a magnetic field sensor collects data about utility consumption and tampering attempts.

The collected data is transmitted to the utility provider’s server at preset intervals over a LoRaWAN wireless network. Moreover, the gathered data is stored in the device’s non-volatile memory for two months for hourly data transfer and a whole year for daily data transfer.

Continuous, reliable operation is ensured thanks to a high-capacity battery that powers the device for up to 15 years, depending on the operation mode.


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