LoRaWAN-enabled radio module with external connection sensors for various types of meters. This radio module is designed to automatically gather readings from four distinct types of meters at the same time. The gadget works with gas, electric, heat, and water meters.

The radio module must be attached to the wall adjacent to the meters and activated via the installer’s mobile app. During installation, you may configure the data transfer rate, which can range from once an hour to once a day.

Jooby Omni RM 200 gathers meter data and identifies tampering attempts using smart sensors. This data is transmitted by the device to a resource supplier or management firm over a LoRaWAN wireless network.

The JOOBY OMNI universal radio module may be linked to up to four separate pulse-output counters. The radio module must be upgraded with the JOOBY CONNECTOR cable to do this. The device runs on a 2.5 Ah battery.

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How it works

The radio module is ready to use after being installed and enabled via the app, and it begins collecting meter readings at a predetermined interval. It stores the data in nonvolatile memory and sends it to the server over a LoRaWAN wireless network, where it is converted into readings. This ensures that suppliers receive fast and accurate data on usage as well as any tampering efforts.

A built-in battery powers the radio module. The service life ranges from 5 to 15 years of continuous operation, depending on the data transmission rate.

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