About Us

Jooby is a brand under the Ukrainian company Infomir, a leading developer and manufacturer of TV consoles, middleware, and solutions for smart cities. Under the Jooby brand, the company develops comprehensive solutions for two areas: Smart Lighting — smart street lighting, and RDC — remote resource metering. The manufacturer’s products are presented at the official Jooby.eu store.

Jooby solutions help to make life in cities more comfortable, cozy, and safe. Smart devices allow you to reduce energy consumption, optimize the accounting of resources, and prevent their loss.

As part of Smart Lighting, Jooby produces smart and cost-effective street lights, sensors, and software to manage the system of these devices. In European cities, the brand has already implemented projects for the lighting of parking lots, streets, bridges, and cottage towns. The smart street lighting system can be managed manually or automatically. The functionality of Jooby’s devices allows you to program them to automatically turn on and off when pedestrians and transport appear or move away, making it possible to avoid unnecessary operation of the lights and save a considerable amount of energy.

The goal of the RDC project is to provide resource providers and municipalities with a convenient solution for automatic remote data collection. Jooby produces radio modules and sensors for analog gas, water, and heat meters, and smart electricity meters. Smart radio modules and meters automatically capture readings and transmit them through the secure LoRaWAN wireless network to the resource provider’s software. In addition, the solution allows you to detect meter tampering, removal of radio modules, the battery status of the device, and emergency situations.

Made in Europe

Both the main office and manufacturing base of Jooby are located in Odessa (Ukraine). The brand also has laboratories, logistics centers, and representative offices in Germany, Estonia, and Switzerland, where Jooby’s experts develop software, create device cases, and test new products for smart cities. All solutions comply with European quality standards.

The network of offices allows Jooby to provide qualified technical support, efficient logistics, and implement high-quality ergonomic solutions for street lighting and remote resource accounting in a number of European countries.