LoRaWAN radio module with sensors and external antenna (0.5m) for Elster gas meter. Installation of the module takes a matter of minutes, with the remaining meter in situ.

During installation, the data transmission frequency can be configured, with intervals ranging from hourly to daily possible. Moreover, this module can detect tampering events, such as disconnecting a radio module from the gas meter or interference using magnets.

The collected data is sent to the utility provider’s server using a LoRaWAN wireless network, and the data can be accessed and processed using the provider’s own software.

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How it works

The module is installed onto the meter in minutes using a standard bracket and activated using an intuitive mobile app. It is not necessary to remove the meter to install the module.

A magnetic field sensor integrated into the module records every revolution of the meter’s dial, generating an electrical impulse for each. These impulses are then collected, converted to data and stored by the data transmission module in non-volatile memory.

At preset intervals – which can range from once an hour to once per day – the gathered information is sent to the provider over a LoRaWAN wireless network.

Uninterrupted operation is ensured by an integral high-capacity battery that can power the module reliably for between five and fifteen years, depending on the mode of operation.


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