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MTX LoRaWAN-enabled multiphase electricity meter for direct connection. The meter is designed to measure how much electricity is used, as well as how much active and reactive energy is made in AC mains. With a rating of 220 V/380 V, the meter instantly sends information to providers.

With the help of its built-in radio module, the meter takes readings at set intervals and sends them to the tracking system over a LoRaWAN wireless network. The provider can also see information about possible tampering, as the device can sense when someone is trying to break it or when it is exposed to magnetic fields.



How it works

The meter should be installed in a place where there is no moisture. 

After connecting the device to the power grid and activating it through the mobile application, it will immediately start sending data to the resource provider. The built-in radio module takes readings from the meters and sends them to the server over a safe, encrypted channel at regular intervals. The information is then sent to the supplier’s tracking system.

The device allows the electricity provider to control who gets power and can cut off people who don’t pay if necessary. This multiphase meter is great for keeping track of how much energy is used based on time of day, workday/weekend, or season.



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  1. Lukas Fischer

    Many thanks to Egor for his professional advice in choosing devices to test in our existing network. The store salesmen promptly processed my order and provided the necessary instructions on installation and setup of the devices.

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