LoRaWAN radio module with external connection sensors for various types of meters. The gadget may be used to read gas, electricity, heat, and water meters simultaneously since the radio module is made to do so automatically.

Installing the device as close to the accounting devices as feasible on a level surface is advised. The radio module has to be turned on in the installer’s mobile application after being connected to the meters. You can adjust the standard data reading frequency settings to the customer’s convenience during the installation. You can select the value of this indication once an hour or once a day using the device software.

The intelligent sensors of the JOOBY OMNI RM 4PU 205 EU not only capture accounting device readings but also react to any illegal efforts to tamper with its functionality. The resource provider or management business can access the data that the radio module transmits to the software across the LoRaWAN wireless network.

With the use of the JOOBY CONNECTOR cable, four distinct or comparable meters with pulse outputs may be linked to the JOOBY OMNI RM 4PU 205 EU for data collection. The device runs on two batteries with a capacity of 8.5 Ah.

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How it works

The instrument begins gathering meter readings from all connected meters as soon as the installer installs and activates the radio module in the app. After storing the information in non-volatile memory, the radio module uses the LoRaWAN wireless network to transmit it to the server at a predetermined frequency. The information is made available in the program, giving providers access to precise and fast data on resources used.

A built-in battery powers the radio module. Depending on the data transfer frequency, the gadget can run independently for five to fifteen years.

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