LoRaWAN radio module with sensors for the Novator water meter. The Novator water meter’s radio module enables remote reading of the meter.

This radio module allows users to reliably and timely transmit water consumption information. You can lower the cost of resource meters, automate meter readings, and quickly get precise statistics on water use with the help of the gadget.

This device delivers messages to the metering system when it detects a low battery, magnetic interference, unlawful water extraction, and backflow. The wireless LoRaWAN network is used to transfer the collected data.

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How it works

A clamping screw secures the gadget to the meter body. Next, a brief magnetic field is used to activate and deactivate the radio module. The installer’s mobile app then activates the device. You do not have to remove the meter and the complete procedure takes just a few minutes.

An optical sensor that tracks the hand turns on the meter dial transmits data to the radio module. One complete turn of the hand is recorded by the sensor, which then produces an impulse and sends it to the data transmission module.

The wireless LoRaWAN network is used to send the recorded measurements to a server.

For reliability, the data is kept in its own non-volatile memory for the following durations:

  • 1 month (hourly consumption);
  • 4 months (daily consumption).

Depending on the needs of the customer, data can be provided at intervals ranging from once an hour to once a day.

With a lifespan of between 5 and 15 years, the device’s internal high-capacity battery serves as its autonomous power source.


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