Smart external connection sensor for Apator water meters. This inductive sensor is specifically crafted to transmit data from conventional analog water meters to the pulse radio module known as Jooby OMNI RM LoRaWAN 4PU 200/204/205 EU.

The installation of this device takes place on the housing of the water meter, and it is connected to the radio module. Subsequently, the sensor goes into action by registering the number of revolutions made by the water meter’s measuring hand and transmitting this data to the pulse radio module.

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How it works

Upon the sensor’s installation on the water meter’s housing, the process of data collection begins. This data is received by the radio module in the form of counted pulses, where the pulse count directly corresponds to the number of revolutions of the water meter’s hand or a multiple thereof.

All the information obtained from the sensor is securely stored in the non-volatile memory of the radio module. The device then transmits this data to the server of the resource provider through the LoRaWAN network at specific time intervals. The system further converts this data into metrics that the resource provider can monitor, analyze, and manage via the administration panel.

Sensor Specifications

  • Sensor model – Jooby Aquaris SNS WIAP02 100
  • Water meter model – Apator JS Smart +
  • Pulse coefficient – 1 pulse per 1 liter
  • Operating temperature – 1 °C … 60 °C

Additional information

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