Smart external connection sensor for Bmeters water meters. The purpose of this inductive sensor is to provide data to the Jooby OMNI RM LoRaWAN 4PU 200/204/205 EU pulse radio module from analog water meters.

Installed on the water meter’s housing, the gadget is linked to the radio module. Subsequently, the sensor starts counting the meter’s measuring hand rotations and sends the information to the pulse radio module.

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How it works

Data reading begins when the sensor is mounted on the meter’s housing. The radio module receives this data in the form of counted pulses, the number of which is equal to or more than the water meter’s hand’s revolution count.

A 1.5 meter long cable with a PY07-6 connection is used to transmit data.

The non-volatile memory of the radio module houses all of the data gathered from the sensor. At predetermined intervals, the device sends this data via the LoRaWAN network to the resource provider’s server.

The system converts the incoming data into a format that the resource provider can view and use for administration panel-based monitoring, analysis, and management.

Sensor Specifications

  • Sensor model – Jooby Aquaris SNS WIBM01 100
  • Water meter model – Bmeters
    GSD8-I 1/2″ Q3-2.5
  • Pulse coefficient – 1 pulse per 1 liter
  • Operating temperature – 1 °C … 60 °C

Additional information

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