Smart external connection sensor for the Apator water meter. Jooby Aquaris SNS optical sensors are purposefully designed for the task of reading water meters by tracking the rotation of the meter’s pointer.

These sensors are intended to function in conjunction with the Jooby OMNI RM LoRaWAN 4PU 201 EU pulse radio module. 

They receive their power through the signal wire from the Pulse Radio Module, resulting in an extended service life.

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How it works

Once installed on the meter and connected to the pulse radio module, the device is ready for operation. The sensor immediately commences recording meter readings and transmits this data to the radio pulse module. Information regarding resource consumption is presented in the form of counted pulses, with the count directly corresponding to the number of pointer rotations or being a multiple of it.

The data is securely stored in the non-volatile memory of the radio module and is transmitted through the wireless LoRaWAN network to a server, where it is transformed into readable readings.

This setup ensures that suppliers receive precise and timely information about resource consumption.

One notable advantage of this system is the increased battery capacity of the Jooby OMNI RM LoRaWAN 4PU 201 EU pulse radio module, eliminating the need for built-in power supplies, which is a departure from other models in the Jooby OMNI RM series.

Sensor Specifications

  • Sensor model – Jooby Aquaris SNS WOAP01 100
  • Water meter model – Apator JS Master +
  • Pulse coefficient – 1 pulse per 100 liter
  • Operating temperature – 1 °C … 60 °C

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